Emregul Architects


We built with vision, expertise and trust

Being the founder and the owner of the company, Cumhur Emregül has gratuated from ITU Architectural University and took his master degree in the same university. He has worked in many projects with Sabancı Holding, Toner Mimarlık, Ekinciler İnşaat and Şişikler Alumünyum companies.

Since 2006 he has been continuing his career in Emregül Architecture which was founded by himself.

The activity fields of the company consist of housing projects, offices, commercial areas, social facilities, interior architecture and architectural projects, construction sites and coordination services.

The projects company has carried out until today includes a wide range of offices, housing projects, banks, shops, cafeterias. Today, company has completed 100.000 m² project, 100.000 m² architectural practice, 200.000 m² consultancy in total and keeps continuing new projects with its “always quality, always customer satisfaction” motto.